eGen is cutting edge as far as book companies go. If you are really wanting to launch out even further than ever before and influence,  a generation beyond your own sphere of influence then this company is for you. If I could describe Vishal and staff I can only think of one word. Integrity.  -- Angela Greenig – Author and Speaker, WA, USA


We would like to thank eGen.co for their efficient, professional approach to helping us publish our books online and get them print-ready. Thank you for your personal touch and careful attention to the details.  -- Frans Du Plessis – Author, Durban, SA


I have worked closely with eGen.co in the publishing of My Father! My Father! And the follow up since publication. During the process I relied heavily on the resources of eGen and the creativity and contacts of its founder Vishal Jetnarayan. He and his team are current on the use of technology, particularly social media, for positioning a published work. Within a month of the publication of MFMF it was in the top 10 in the religious category of Amazon, and continues to rank close to the top in the Church Growth section more than a year and a half later. It is noteworthy that Selena Jetnarayan, a professional photographer created the cover art for the book cover.

eGen.co is presently completely redesigning the Soleyn.com website, and I plan to continue to work closely with Vish and his team as I prepare to publish the next book On Earth As It Is In Heaven.  --- Sam Soleyn - Author, New Mexico


I can’t thank the team at eGenCo enough for the diligent work they put forth to see Hell’s Guest produced in more ways than I had ever imagined.  The past years I have been through numerous different publishers who only have gotten my story out in one way.  Now with eGenCo, my story is not just in paper, but in e-book and also auto-book.  Hell’s Guest isn’t just a story, but is my testimony that can truly reach so many all over the world!  Without eGenco this may not be possible.  -- Col Glenn D Frazier (Ret)  -  Author and Speaker, Alabama, USA